Clitoris Pumps

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    Intimate Pump Rechargeable...


    Intimate Pump Rechargeable Pump is a dream come true for every pleasure-seeking woman. The silky smooth silicone massager is designed by an all-women product development team to be the ultimate in female pleasure. With a soft, flexible intimate scoop and teasing ticklers, this lustful massager will send you spiraling into a wonderland of pleasure possibilities.

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    Intimate Pump Sensual Body...


    Add some luxury to your intimate massage with the newly designed Clitoral Pump™ Intimate Pump. Designed in a fun and girly color, the feminine pump from our Clitoral Pump™ collectionis a stylish toy that is small and lightweight enough to travel with, and discreet and beautiful enough to store anywhere in your bedroom.

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    Temptasia Beginners...


    Just beginning to experiment with pumping or already familiar The Temptasia Beginner Clitoral Pumping System is just the accessory for you.

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    Automatic Intimate Pump


    Relax and completely let go with the sexy, sensuous and totally exciting Clitoral Pump™ Automatic Intimate Pump, an advanced toy that comes complete with an automatic pump system.