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    Super Deluxe Pumping Kit


    This souped up pumping kit includes some of our most popular and best selling pumping accessories, powered by our premium hand pump for an all in one collection of pumping essentials.

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    Penis Pump Cylinders


    Each cylinder is hand crafted and made of the finest, industrial strength crystal clear acrylics. The cylinders are tapered toward the top to match the natural anatomy of your penis for maximum comfort.

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    Comfort Cylinder Seal


    Get your pump on...comfortably! With the convenience and durability of the Cylinder Comfort Seal from Size Matters, now pumping sessions are more comfortable and enjoyable! Simply slip the stretch-to-fit comfort seal over your pump and start pumping away.

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    Cock and Ball Cylinder-...


    This durable cylinder is big enough to take your cock and balls, for maximum results and stimulation! No gaskets required, just hook to one of our Size Matters Pumps, and amplify your penis and balls at the same time!

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    Deluxe Hand Pump Kit with...


    Get everything you need for sizable, impressive male enhancement all in one place! This kit includes our best selling Deluxe Steel Handheld Penis Pump, along with a compatible cylinder.

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    Milker Cylinder with...


    Add some exquisite texture to your milking experience! This attachment cylinder is an upgrade for your Milker Automatic Stroker Machine, with rows of textured beads for extra pleasure.

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    Large Cylinder for Milker...


    Time to replace the large cylinder on your milking machine? Is there anything worse than an interrupted blowjob? This attachment keeps your Milker Automatic Stroker Machine in action if you have had a little too much fun with the old one.

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    Cock and Ball Deluxe Penis...


    This extra wide cylinder is designed to create a tight seal around both your cock and your balls, powered by our deluxe metal hand pump for maximum results.

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    Small Cylinder for Milker...


    Time to replace the small cylinder on your milking machine? Ready for a slightly longer upgrade? This attachment has a little more length to stimulate more of your penis when you attach it to your Milker Automatic Stroker Machine.

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    The SMP Beginner Pump


    Get ready to pump it up for bigger, longer erections with The SMP Beginner Pump. Perfect for those just starting out, this pump gives you all you need to enlarge! With a soft sleeve, easy squeeze pump, flexible hose and quick release valve, you will have no trouble.

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    Big Mans 12-inch Penis Pump


    The Big Mans Pump is the ultimate enlargement toy to accommodate the well-endowed man! The 12-inch oversized cylinder can accommodate maximum length and girth while still proving effective and pleasurable.

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    The SMP Power Pump


    This penis pump is ideal for beginners who want to increase the size of their cock. The device creates a tight vacuum seal around the penis, causing intense suction and additional mass.